Established 1970
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JA Double Bay Hair Menu

Janelle A… proudly uses the finest range of high quality products provided from L’Oreal Professional(Paris), INOA amonia free CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCTS, Brasil Cacau Professional, Label M, ID Hair, GHD, O&M minerals & Spilt Milk…


All include a double shampoo followed by a relaxing scalp massage.

Blow dry

  • Short 45
  • Long 50
  • Extensions 60
    NB. Rates reduced fixed prices, when purchased in 10 session bundles
  • GHD Sessions 65
    (creative lushes curls,waves)

Creative Styles

  • Hair Up from 95
  • Settings 45
  • Bridal Trails 65 per hour
    (hair pieces is extra or are rented)
  • Bridal/Wedding Packages available POA


All cuts include a double shampoo & a relaxing scalp massage

Women – Cut & Blow dry
  • Standard 110
  • Janelle A 120
  • Restyle 140
  • Adult Hair Cut Only 80
  • Students (over 14) 90
  • Female child cut/blow dry 50

(Includes double shampoo /tingling PEPPERMINT Massage)

  • Standard 60
  • JA & Nigel 65
  • Student 45
  • Under 10 25


  • Leave in quick fix great for blowdrys 10
  • Moisture/hydration 25
    (locks in colour, hydrates, shines & smooth’s)
  • Protein 30
    (intense protein fix)
  • Reconstruction..(1hr process time) 75
    (for damage hair the oil treatment is infused and repairs from the inside out)

Stem Pod L’Oreal

(suitable for all hair types) 25

A Pro Keratin treatment technology

Can be used on the most sensitive hair. A heating tool that repairs hair while creating a polished browdry

Scalp Treatment

A scalp Renew Dermabrasion Service 90

*Accelerates the scalp surface skin regeneration up to 34%
*Removes build-up around follicle sites
*Establishes a thicker stronger head of hair.
*recommended for men & women


All our colour treated hair Clients …are shampooed with professional brand “colour saving” products followed with hydrating mask


  • MEN Full head 55
  • WOMEN Full head 95
  • T-BAR/hairline 70


INOA 100% Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Colour
“We call it the organic colour range of our salon”

* Odourless
* Optimised scalp comfort
* Up to 100% white hair coverage
* Uniformity, long lasting
* 6 weeks intense hydration & nutrition
* Hair is Softer & Shinier

Deluxe Tint 120


    • Full head from 180
    • Half head from 160
    • Partial 100
      (in between colour from 45)
    • Semi Permanent 90

Gloss from 30
(adds shine and reflection)

Toner (tones for subtlety) 40

Paint ONs

(French highlighting technique, colours are painted on with boards to achieve subtly highlights & low lights)

  • Full head 150
  • Half Head 130
  • Partial 100

Balayage/ Ombre’s from 99

Balayage hair a lightening agent is painted on using a brush, darker at the base lighter on the ends achieving an ultra natural effect by mimicking natures way of lightening hair.
Ombre hair refers to the gradual lightening of the hair. Fading from darker colur near the roots to lighter on the ends more of a dip dye effect.

Straightening Treatments

Brazilian Keratin Reconstruction from 300

(smoothing treatment)

Professional smoothing treatment improves the condition of the hair whilst smoothing the cuticle & eliminating Frizz while providing protection. Lasts up to 3 months, so your natural texture gradually returns. After the product is applied, the hair is blow-dried, then flat ironed then followed by a deep conditioning mask. The minute you leave the salon you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail, use clips & pins… It will be straighter, smooth, frizz Free making it easier for you to manage. It cuts your blow drying time in half.

Japanese permanent Ultra-Straightening from 300

(thermal reconditioning)

The hair is saturated with a solution containing a ingredient ,that breaks the bonds that gives each strand its shape; it is then rinsed, blow-dried, and meticulously flat-ironed. Once a neutralizer is applied, the hair is locked into this new, straight configuration. The process can take up to eight hours the first time (depending on length and thickness); touch-ups require three to four hours. For three days after the treatment, you can’t get your hair wet or do anything “kink” inducing (eg. wear a ponytail), and while your hair will now be sleek and shiny (even after air-drying), you’re left with one styling option: dead-straight.

Hair Relaxer

A relaxer can soften coarse, tight curls; it uses a solution containing “compounds” that break various bonds in the hair. The solution is left on for up to 20 minutes, rinsed, then neutralized.
L’oreal X-tenso Moisturist
Transforms rebellious, curly or frizzy hair to smooth, beautifully silky and shinny hair for up to 60 Days

  • short 150
  • Long 170
  • Men 80

(All perms are done by Franco the perm specialist)

Permanent wave 165


A Free Consultation is required…..Phone 9326 1888 to make an appointment.
Great Length Permanent Human Hair extensions, Keratin bonded

The finest quality 100% human hair extensions for added length, volume, texture or colour highlights. These are definitely the best, the least detectable and easiest to maintain, permanent extensions on the market!

  • 30cm per strand 12.50
  • 40cm per strand 13.50
  • 50cm per strand 14.50
  • 60cm per strand 15.50


Fastest, reusable hair extensions.
100% Remy Hair of the finest quality. Its ethically sourced from temples & bought to Italy were it is hand treated & mixed by artisan craftsmen. Free of silicone- treatments or other chemically masked features.. They last 4-6weeks & can be repositioned in the future for “re-use”.…35 shades for a perfect colour match.

  • ¼ head 250
  • ½ head 500
  • ¾ head 750
  • Full head 1000
Skin Weft Tapes

The new permanent hair extensions. The hair on the tape is individually sewn into the silicon base to ensure no shedding. The extension looks like it is actually growing from the scalp which makes it undectable.

  • ¼ head 400
  • ½ head 800
  • ¾ head 1200
  • full head 1600

SHOWPONY Extensions

Micro Beads
  • ¼ head 25 strands 350
  • ½ head 50 strands 500
  • ¾ head 75 strands 600
  • Full head 100 strands 700
  • 18” Human Ponytail 350
  • 18” Synthetic Ponytail 80
Clip in Hair Extensions
  • 18” length 7 piece Full head 300
  • 20” length 7 piece Full head 350
  • 2 clips 60
  • 3 clips 95
  • 4 clips 120